14th Dec 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Winces at "Call Me Dave" and his Impressions

I know from watching Spooks and repeats of Yes Prime Minister that Running the country, and parliament in general, is a frightfully serious business.

At the minute there are growing concerns about the economy, the NHS, Schools and even more worrying, the Plod may be going on strike.

At parliament they are taking it all very seriously and this is obviously why "Call me Dave" Cameron is doing Michael Winner "Calm down dear" impressions at Gordon Brown during actuall government debate.

10 Yetis PR Agency
The Speaker of the House allegedly said, "it was like he was in the room"

That's right, at this weeks PMQ's (Prime Ministers Question Time), apparently Call Me Dave saw fit to try out his new comedy material on Loser Brown and this culminated in him doing the "calm down dear" Michael Winner line to Gordy.

I don't know about you but I give up! Is that what government debate has come down to? They are both always looking for the next soundbite or story to beat each other with and this is why things like Small Businesses getting nailed by the Chancellor slip through without proper challenge or debate.

Maybe I need to calm down myself.

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