15th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wins City Socialising Account

Having fought of stiff competition from a number of leading PR agencies 10 Yetis has been successful in winning the account for the leading London social website, City Socialising.

This week saw our first activity for them in the form of a kind of anti valentines press release. From getting the nod, doing the research and writing the story up the timescale was only a week which was a massive challenge but we managed it and after a slow start the coverage came through with a Daily Mail lead story and various radio mentions.

I will be getting the cuttings up as soon as possible, but in the mean time to show you how prestigious CitySocialising.com is I have got a copy of a cutting the MD featured in from Cosmo this month. Not our PR work, but frightfully impressive none the less.

MD of CitySocialising.com

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