08th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wishes UKBusiness Forums a Happy Birthday

Sift, the owners of UKBusinessForums, HRZone, BusinessZone, Finance Week, MyCustomer.com and AccountingWeb are celebrating as UKBusinessForums is 5 years old today! To celebrate 10 Yetis headed down to Tesco at 6.30 this morning to get some party gear.

Helen and Rich even "volunteered" to go on record about the party by posing for snaps with Head of Security & Site Maintenance, Hugo.

Party Time
There aint no party like a Sift Party!

Strictly orange juice and water was consumed.

Some blurb about the lovely Sift Media:

Sift Media is a leading business-to-business publisher specialising in online, interactive professional communities.

With a range of services including websites, email publications, industry awards and events, Sift Media delivers original, branded content to over half a million professionals in accounting and finance, HR and training, IT, marketing, customer management and knowledge management.

Did you know - £1 in every £25 spent on UK online business display advertising is spent with Sift Media?

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