30th Mar 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wishes You A Good Weekend

So, as we head into the weekend has everyone had a good week?

We have had the usual fun and frivolity. We have signed something very big for us which should hopefully become very apparent on Monday (fingers and tech things crossed).

We have had some really big hitting media getting in touch about several of our clients from work we have done and Jilly has gone and won a whole raft of shiny new design contracts so generally 10 Yetis life is motoring on.

But come now, I should stop all this “bigging up” because unlike other lesser design and marketing companies (no names mentioned), our readers know that we don’t just use our blog as a tool to try and convince people how good we are and to make them believe we do oh so many things, no no no, we like to simply concentrate on posting the results of our work. Ha ha ha, get me! Put it down to Friday excitement…

Jim is a Yeti hero Logo
Jim wants you to have a good weekend too – I am sure

So, I hope everyone has a Jim Bowen style Super-Smashing-Great weekend.

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