04th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wonders About Bebo v Facebook Results

Just seen that Computing Which? magazine is saying that Bebo has been identified as being "the best" social networking site over the likes of MySpace, Facebook and Yahoo Groups.

When I read it I thought it was odd but reading the details of how this came to be made me think soemthing may be flawed.

Apparently an independent expert gave their judgement on who was best, I wonder if they were social networking users themselves?

The expert recognises that Facebook has a very user friendly interface but talks about the security and parenting features of Bebo tipping the balance in terms of being "The Best".

What will this mean? Probably that millions of UK parents will try to force their kids to use Bebo and instead they will rebel and use Facebook.

All thanks to a slow news week I suspect!

Anywho, Yahoo Groups got slated for coming bottom... I did not think they were still about.

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