07th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wonders About Public Relations Agency Data Mining from Press Release Sites

I suppose this is kind of hypocritical for a public relations agency to moan about spam but we have all noticed a huge increase in people and companies calling and emailing us because they have seen a press release we have written and trying to then sell us their services.

I am not going to name names cos that is never nice and to be honest, one instance of this led to a company genuinely helping us but... we had 3 sales calls and 5 emails in response to a news release being put on a UK news wire today and it is starting to take up too much time... grr!

Pic Cred: Daily Mail
Victor Himself Does Not Beleive How Many Spam Emails We Have Had

End of Wednesday moan... carry on about your business. :-)

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