13th Aug 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wonders if Mattel or Fisher Price PR will recover from Recall?

It is all kicking off today... some of you may have seen that Fisher Price has been forced to recall a load of kids toys due to potential safety fears about lead being in the paint.

A recall is the worse case scenario for any company and usually it can signal the death of a brand as the parent company quietly opens a new brand and closes the affected one down.

I am sure this won't be the case for Fisher Price but they are going to have a battle and a half regaining market trust as no one takes a risk when it comes to buying something for a child.

Fisher Price
We all had Fisher Price Toys

The really sad story is that the co-owner of the company that made the dolls in China, Zhang Shuhong of Lee Der Industrial Co has hung himself, presumably because of the guilt of the business failure, making a sad story really quite tragic.

* Link love to fantastic Matthew from Dog-Treat who kindly pointed out the deliberate spellping misquake.

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