20th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wonders - Is PC World Free Laptop & Orange About to have a Hotpoint Moment?

So last night I caught the first PC World "free laptop" advert on TV during Big Brother. I have not got much time to blog about this (off to go and Jilly's animation being screened!) but my immediate reaction is that this is going to be hugely popular.

I have a fear it may go down the route of the Hotpoint, BA Flights and Big Mac deals that were so popular they caused chaos for the companies.

PC World
Rubbish service, but hell - a free laptop

Laptops are in demand by everyone (he says typing on one) and the PC World deal is basically, sign up to a £14 Orange broadband deal and hey presto a 256mb, 40gb thing is yours.

Lets watch this space...

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