20th Nov 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wonders What Happened to Gordon's No Spin Pledge

I have been a little reluctant to post about political things since a regular blog reader thought I was maybe giving one party too much grief, but I cannot help but blog about this.

Remember Flash Gordon's promise about no spin in his reign as Prime Minister? That's right, he claims to be more about substance than public relations and media management.

When he came to power, to try and demonstrate this, he brought on board a load of experts to give their opinion on various topics and issues. One of the most pressing issues is obviously terrorism and how it is managed.

Flash brought in Lord Admiral West, a war veteran with battle experience spanning the Gulf war and the Argentina conflict. This chap knows his stuff.

Last week he said at 8.20 in the morning on a BBC news radio show that he was not convinced that the police should hold terror suspects for more than 28 days without charge.

Lord West then went to breakfast with Flash Gordon and at 9.08 he then said that he was now convinced that police needed more than 28 days! That was some breakfast.

Lord Admiral West
The Sailor Brown Sank

Basically Brown's PR boys got onto the case and got the Admiral back "on message". So much for no more spin.

Fortunately, rather than Lord West getting hammered in the media all the hacks realised it was Gordon's lot behind the change and quite rightly pummelled the Number 10 press office.

What is the point in bringing in experts if you decide to tell them what to say in public.

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