15th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wonders Why People Bother With Rubbish Direct Mail

Right, so, first up, we have blurred out who this company is so you should not be able to work out who it is, but I wanted to blog this up as an example of how NOT to do Direct Mail (DM) shots.

We received the postcard DM piece, shown below, through the post yesterday and it is just wrong on loads of levels and I wanted to write it up so people who are new to DM can pick up some hints.

Front of DM piece
Snapper Company DM

What’s wrong here?
1. The picture has had no thought go into it, what relevance does this have to us as a design or PR company? It looks like some porn shoot rather than a product shot or publicity photo.
2. The strap line at the top looks odd in relation to the picture
3. Does the number plate relate to the photographer or the girl herself, as in she has no limits? See point one :-)

Back of DM piece
Back of Snapper DM

What’s wrong here?
1. Should have started the copy to get readers to read on, e.g. ‘Do you need photo’s that the media will love?’ – This is what PR’s need.
2. There is no real content to the copy, nothing that stands out. It is only a small space but you have to make the most of it.
3. Note who it is addressed to. The company should have done a bit of research to find out a named person and sent it to them.
4. They have got the company name wrong, i.e. 10 Yeti’s… there is no apostrophe. This means they used an old mailing list.

Like I say, I don’t want this to be seem as us having a dig at this guy hence us blurring the details out, more a case of helping people pick up tips for their DM.

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