04th Aug 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Worries As Foot and Mouth Returns

What a nightmare... looks like Foot and Mouth is back in the UK. At the time of the last outbreak I was working for a utility company and the affect it had, in terms of travel and business disruption, was huge, let alone the cost to the rural community.

Lets hope this time it is just an isolated case and it can be nipped in the bud. I still remember seeing the sad sight of piles of cows being burned and the smell that it gave off being horrid.

The outbreak this time is in Surrey so not only will they have all the issues around the disease to deal with but also they will get Kay Burley from Sky no doubt dropping in, unlucky.

Cows playing innocently
Foot and Mouth returns to UK

Still, at least Gordon cancelled his holiday to come back.

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