06th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Writes One For The Techies - Our SME Office Router Woes

As many of you will know we're getting two new yetis starting in the next couple of weeks. So for this we went out last week and bought two shiny new computers. I have now set them up, sorted outlook and even popped some yeti favorites into their browsers.

I realised that we'd need a new router since we were currently using a 4 port Netgear DG814 modem router (a router that is 3+ years old - I am like the Flinstone!) and I needed to attach 4 PC and a storage drive. So I thought great opportunity to update our office with wireless then I can connect my phone and laptop when necessary. Off we popped again to the evil PC world and picked up a Netgear WGT624 wireless router.

I wanted to keep with Netgear because the DG814 worked like a dream (Fire Fire - for the IT Crowd). I came in between Christmas and New Year to set it up. Would it work? Would it bugger. After hours of trying to get it working I relented and rang Zen support who after about an hour told me the router was probably broken.

So I go back to PC world and buy a new one. I came in yesterday to set it up and had the same problem. Again after roughly 5 hours and numerous phone calls to Zen and lots of complicatedness involving setting up the old router as a bridging modem and the new one as the router we both give up and they tell me I need to get another router.

Back to PC world and I plump for a Belkin - not out of choice there was only Belkin or Netgear to chose from. So I pick up the Belkin N Wireless Modem Router.

Come in to the office today expecting more misery. I plug it in, run through the wizard and we're off! All 5 computers set up and connected to the tinterweb once more.

What a kerfuffle.

belkin router
YAY for Belkin!

P.S We noticed whilst in PC world that they charge businesses £500 for the pleasure of setting this sort of thing up! I'm thinking of buying a bulk load of Belkins and masquerading as a networking know-it-all - what do you think?

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