13th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis...Greatness and Uniqueness are Key to Successful PR

When it comes to PR competition is fierce and in today’s dog eat dog world the more a company can stand out the better.....Uniqueness is ultimately the key to survival and achieving desired greatness.

Uniqueness relies on the ability to follow ones instincts, however this comes with a health warning. People have long been taught to fear and at worst hate their instincts. Instincts are therefore ignored and this can be disastrous and hugely regrettable. People are always worrying about the consequences of their actions, but why? Possibly because they are daring to deviate from the norm, which always causes controversy as society feels threatened by change. Just look at the condemned actions of past greats, to name but two, Oscar Wilde was imprisoned and Martin Luther King was assassinated.

When people act according to their instincts they possess a limitless and inexhaustible energy which is often infectious. If used positively this energy can unleash masses of untapped potential and prove highly beneficial to business. Within society there is a constant focus on weakness and the need for improvement. Rarely do we celebrate that which makes us great. According to Howard Mann (2007) ‘Greatness exists in us all. And a person who doesn’t believe that shouldn’t be in business.’ He goes on to note that, ‘great companies are filled with great people’ and unlocking that ‘greatness’ relies on finding out where each person’s uniqueness lies and matching it to their roles.

Consequently uniqueness and greatness are key foundations for lasting success and superiority. Instinct instils a passion and a keenness to challenge and take opportunities. Every sports fan knows that any team that plays short-handed will surely lose the game. Therefore it’s important to follow your instincts and use your strengths to out play your opponents.

p.s 10 Yetis are both UNIQUE and GREAT and undeniably RARE!!!!

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