29th Mar 2007, by Andrew Barr

2 iPods Per Person is becomming a UK Reality

On the train today I read in the Guardian that an increasing number of people are buying two iPods now. Apparently the trend is that you have one iPod (video) for trips and travelling and then the smaller Shuffle version for the gym!

At first I was really really shocked at this, but then I guess some people may feel weighted down with the bigger version whislt wandering on the tread mill! WTF!!! Get a grip... 2 iPods? What is going on in the world.

The article also said that in the UK alone over 30 million iPods have now been sold and if my Maths is correct that is over half of the UK population.

Steve Jobs Shuffling
Shuffle and Jobs (Jobs on the left)

Steve Jobs is a marketing person's dream.

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