17th Jun 2006, by Andrew Barr

A funny end to a funny week

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So what a strange old week it has been. The World Cup has meant that journo's have been even more difficult to track down than usual. The end result; tough to get stories out and about. The plus point, I spoke to a person I know at a top 10 UK agency (we are at the other end in terms of size :-) - but not in quality I hasten to add) and she said they were experiencing exactly the same thing.

The natural solution that plenty of other agencies are suggesting is to somehow link your campaign to World Cup 2006. We have been loathe to suggest this to clients as it becomes tired and some ways, a bit tacky.

OK, so we did a 10 Yetis media guide to the world cup but we launched it in viral format a few months ago so it had time to pick up speed over the net. The results of this guide has been amazing. In terms of driving site traffic to our humble web home it has been massive.

Because of certain words used in its title it got picked up globally and especially in America it has gone down a storm. This really helps as we are starting to get a much bigger presence, as a brand, over there and this will obviously be of benefit to clients with global campaign aspirations.

But back to the World Cup press releases. I noticed this week that more and more media outlets are growing tired of World Cup related releases coming through and some have even started to name and shame brands. The Guardian is foing a "pointless World Cup news story" of the day and the tabloids have got on board by printing examples of stupid World Cup stuff that is being sent in.

But back we go to 10 Yetis. This week saw a few major releases go out for KashFlow and also JustCarsOnline. We will have these up and on the news section of the site very shortly, and as cuttings come in they will be posted on this blog.

We have also had 2 "out of the blue" nice comments come in this week from odd sources. One was an email from a guy saying how much our newsletters have helped his business and then we had an email from the head of a national TV production company saying that she had seen our site from a news release and wanted us to know that we were top of her "cool agencies to contact when her boss gives her a budget"!

How cool is that, more to the point, how nice was that! It is easy for people to moan and gripe but you know something must be going OK if someone takes the time out to say something so nice.

Right, the story abotu the funny end to the week:

We do some work for a large corporate client in the City and for the last two weeks we have been working really hard to try and work out how a certain rumour was spread around the trade media about a product they do not offer.

This rumour caused one trade media to splash the rumour as a fact on the front of their mag.

We have been scratching our heads trying to work out what was going on, all the time fielding calls from journo's asking if the rumour was true.

Two weeks this has been going on for and all in all it got quite frustrating.

On Friday at about 4pm I got a call from a nervy sounding trade journo, the conversation went something like this:

Me (M) - "Hi X Journo, how are you going"
X Journo (X) - "Oh not bad ta
M - "So how can I help you so late on a Friday"
X - "Well, it is about this Z story that was in a few of our rival mags"
M - "Oh, don't even go there, I don't know where it came from but it has been driving us crazy"
X - "So it is not true"
M - " No
X - "Oh right, yeah didn't think it was, but best to check"
M - "Why didn't you think it was"
X - "Well it was me who started the rumour"
M - "WTF! What do you mean?"
X - "Quite funny really, I was at a trade event with a load of journo's from a rival mag and they asked me jokingly what I was working on. So I told them jokingly we had already gone to print on an exclusive that your company was planning to launch a Z product"
M - "aha, cheers"
X - "Yeah but I didn't expect them to run it front page, I got so worried that it was true due to all the media coverage that I thought I better ring to check it was not really happening"
M - "ha ha ha, well cheers for that, have a great weekend you git"

And that was that... a funny end to what has been a very tough but very funny week.

Peace out blog readers

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