05th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

Actually, What Is The Point Of My Starbucks Card?

starbucks card

Standing in the queue for Starbucks this lunchtime I tune into the American lady stood at the till clutching a booklet which contained a Starbucks card.

I listened as the cashier explained that this was a limited edition Paul Mccartney card, the cashier herself has five of these which she absolutely loves. The American lady nods excitedly and gleefully eyes up the rest of us in the queue trying to hide our ordinary cards, as we all nod back in acknowledgment that yes, she was now more exclusive than us.

Off she bobs down to receive her exclusive cup of Vente Skinny White Chocolate Mocha.

"Can we get one of those?" the next couple ask.

"Of course, aren't they great?" says the cashier, "Actually I've got five of these which I absolutely love".

My turn.

"Would you like your limited edition Paul Mccartney Starbucks card, madam?"

Briefly I wonder at what point in my life I became a madam instead of a miss. That I keep being asked for ID in Salisbury's every time I buy alcohol has me confused.

"What do I get for it?"

I feel like I've just shot a kitten. She stumbled, "Well, um, no, nothing actually".

"Yes please".

paul macartney

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