27th Sep 2006, by Andrew Barr

Amazon Unbox - Business 2.0

I have stared subscribing to an interesting American business magazine called Business 2.0. As well as it being a good way to hear about the new business trends developing in the good old U S of A, it is also handy way of getting a more global perspective on the business world.

In the latest issue the magazine highlighted what it saw as the "disruptor" companies, that is, those companies on the verge of making it big and who may go on to disrupt established businesses and market leaders. I plan on writing a blog post on one of these that aims to formalise the relationship between film makers seeking products for their shoots and companies looking to get more exposure.

As you would expect from the title, the mag tends to concentrate on tech companies and as well as bringing info about these companies it also gives breaking news on existing companies. before I get onto the product placement post I was very interested in one thing I learned from Business 2.0 relating to Amazon not having done very well in recent years to the extent that its market share and sales have been dropping.

To counter this Amazon is diversifying into the movie and TV downlaod market and is soon to launch Amazon Unbox. It may have already gone to market in the USA, but i am quite excited to hear when it may be launched over here. Apparently Amazon already has good relationships with the majority of major film makers and distributors and this has helped it break down the barriers from such companies who resisted going down this route due to fear of increased piracy.

Although the details are sketchy, I understand that to use the service you have to agree to let Amazon have access to your hardrive so that they can manage the deletion and removal of films once the rental period ends, but surely this is a small price to pay for movies and TV that are truly on demand.

I hope it is not too long before we see this in the UK and with Amazons mighty war-chest for marketing and PR activity the launch campaign itself should be a site to behold.... or will Google get in there first? Either way, I hope they choose 10 Yetis for the launch campaign!

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