15th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

Another PR Industry Insight from the trade mag of choice

Why does my PR Week take longer to reach the mighty South West than anywhere else I have lived? Thanks to the delay I read through Friday’s edition today and saw it was full of its usual London Centric “PR is rocket science” waffle.
This weeks pearls of wisdom featured heavily around blogging and the fact that Trading Standards have again said that they may investigate PR blogging (something PR Week imaginatively calls Flogging – Fake Blogging, see what they did there). What’s more Trading Standards may, shock horror, prosecute.

Good! It does no one any good but it has gone on since the Ark!
PR Week
PR Industry Mag

Some online retail sites have product feedback sections where the first few literally gush about how wonderful the kit is, and I wonder how many of them are real? This is another area that Trading Standards should police more aggressively…

The reality is that there are millions upon millions of blog posts made every day and it is quite difficult for Trading Standards to investigate but at least they are making the right noises.

Incidentally, PR Week gives us the benefit of its knowledge when it comes to Blogging, with a “Blog Special”. I am seriously no expert when it comes to all things Blog and leave that to Jilly, but, you can’t help feel whilst reading the article that it is quite like the times when an elderly uncle tells you all about how the tinterweb works… awkward.

Still, at least it keeps the spritzer brigade happy.

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