03rd Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

Apple Being Investigated by Brussels

Most of the major news outlets are this morngin carrying the story about Apple being investigated by Brussels using anti-competition laws.

To be fair to Apple they are not the only big name being involved as EMI, Universal, Sony and Warner are all in the mix but it all relates to iTunes and the varying cost of buying music from the site around the globe.

Apparently iTunes USA is cheaper than iTunes UK and the cost can vary by quite a lot and this is what Brussels are looking into.

Steve Jobs
Jobs a Good ‘un

We always read these big headlines about Global companies being investigated and fined but I am never quite sure what happens in the end, e.g. Microsoft got a fine of £500m, nearly 10 years ago I think from Brussels and I am not sure if they paid it in the end?

I imagine the legal complexities tie the cases up for years and there are appeals after appeals etc?

Who knows...

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