05th Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

Apple Sales Director Predicts iPhone Will Be Next Golden Delicious for Apple

I read a really interesting article in the Guardian yesterday based around an interview with a former Apple sales director, Mike Evangelist, who predicts that Apple will be bringing out an iPhone and maybe even a Tablet PC at its Macworld Expo in San Francisco next week.

Indeed if you do a quick search on Google you will see that pretty much everyone is now predicting that the iPhone will be the next big Apple launch, and this is backed up by USA financial analysts saying that this is the one major thing that could protect Apple’s share price, or indeed even improve it.

I am not so convinced that Apple will launch a tablet Mac at the event given that Steve Jobs has previously stated that at the minute the Tablet market does not have a large enough chunk of the market for them to be interested in getting involved. Still, I am sure that if anyone can spot a valuable gap in the market it will be Jobs.

Any predictions on what Apple may launch next week?

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