20th Nov 2006, by Andrew Barr

Are web designers up to date?

I read a report today by http://www.sitepoint.com that stated less than half of web designers/developers use Dreamweaver, with the majority chosing to use a text editor and code with css for layout.

I'm keen to hear peoples thoughts on this as I'm not sure I can agree. The majority of web design companies I see are still using table based layouts and from the state of their code almost certainly do not code by hand.

Whenever a new site comes up on here or a new design company introduces themselves the first thing I do is go to their site and view source (bad habbit!), it's rare I'll find a site with modern coding/css layouts.

I even had a conversation with a design student the other day that said their tutor was asking them to design sites with tables in order to learn the basics. I'm not sure it's necessary to learn tables at all any more?

Does it matter, am I just being overly picky about coding?

I never used to worry about it, having spent a few years doing it the table way I got used to them and thought they were great, but the more I do css and the more I see these new designers touting their skills which are not up to date, the more it niggles at me.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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