30th Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

Attack Is Imminent. Pigeons Stakeout Yeti Towers.

Fellow blog readers, I have a secret to share.

Some of the regular readers may remember a post Andy made recently about the pigeons that hang around our office yapping all day and generally trying to distract us from our work.

They really freak him out not only because they stare in the windows at us an awful lot, but because they sit outside his window in particular staring in at him an awful lot.

Anyway, Andy has currently gone to get us a Starbucks and one of the cheeky little beepers just sauntered in through Andy's window and had a look around. I managed to get a quick snap before he left, but in that short time I couldn't tell whether or not he was carrying any recording devices or cameras. I'm pretty sure he was doing reconnaissance work and has now gone to draw up some plans.

For what, who knows?

Attack Is Immenent.  Pigeons Stakeout Yeti Towers.

Andy is gonna be hella mad when he sees this post!

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