22nd Dec 2006, by Andrew Barr


Those of you who have seen us out and about on various business forums will know that for some time we have been looking at offices and now everything is done and dusted I can proudly announce that today Jilly picked up the keys to the new offices...


We plumped for a two office unit, that incorporates one large main office and another large meeting room. The offices are still being refurbished at the minute and we are waiting for things like the carpets to be laid etc, but the pics below show it in all its unfinished glory.

We are so pleased (and slightly nervous), about this huge step we are taking with the business and would like to say thanks to all the wonderful people we have worked with and who have helped us on the business journey so far.... anyway, before I gush to much... pics are below.

Here is Jilly checking the paintwork !?!

designer checking the design

Here is Jilly walking around the main bit where the desks will be:

Jilly giving it the royal tour

Here is the main bit of the office where the desks will go once the refurb is complete:

The main bit for the desks

Once we have moved in I will get more pics up...

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