30th Sep 2006, by Andrew Barr

Bitsnstuff gets 10 Yetis Public Relations Treatment

In the last month or so we have been doing a heap of public relations work for Kate Sleep over at Bitsnstuff.

Kate's site has a fantastic mix of products on and she really is a bespoke retailer in every sense of the word. Kate is well ahead of the game when it comes to business planning and ensuring the steady growth of her company and she wanted to take the next step and draw more attention to a number of the exclusive products she was bringing to the UK market.

Instead of going down the more costly route of advertising Kate knew that good public relations would get her name in the right places and increase site traffic and sales.

So, she came to us at 10 Yetis, showed us the products she was bringing to the UK and tasked us with spreading the word.

The first release related to a new Breast Feeding Wrap that enables modest mums to breastfeed in public without having to be started at.

We are waiting for copies of the print coverage to come through on this one but have already had interest from the likes of the The Times, The Sunday Mirror, The Express and a whole host of baby and parenting magazines.

Some of the web cuttings have been very good to:

Crowded Brain is a news portal that covers all kinds of sectors and they ran it here.

Then the well read Breast-feeding Mums blog ran it here

Then a big player in the parenting world came along called BabyWorld and they ran it here

And then British Blogs brought it to more peoples attention here

As soon as we have more news and cuttings from this release, along with the other one relating to Time Out Spots, I will post it on here.


Word is just in that Kate will be appearing on Colourful Radio to talk about the Time Out Spots thanks to 10 Yetis Media Relations work. Listen in on Monday at 10.15am.


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