23rd Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

Blu Ray Cracked = Hollywood Frustration

Another fantastic Guadian Tech section this week seemingly led by the ever - impressive Bobbie Johnson who I once accidentally spammed with 15 press releases when our server crashed during sending and he just politely asked what the bugger was going on!

Anyway, my IT issues to one side, I have not been following the Sony Blu Ray/HD Toshiba battle to closely despite classing myself as an "early adopter" (as an example, I wore Shell Suits long before and after they became fashionable), but a really interesting article in the tech section about it already being cracked and how Hollywood is collectively not very happy.

I really wish I had the mental capacity to work out how people to circumvent the security systems but I just don't have the first clue how it works.

The various film companies are now caught up in a media tailspin thinking what to do next and all this whilst Bit Torrent is making the headlines for putting up its first HD film... eek..

Peer to Peer Sharing site
Bit Torrent – Providers of the first dodgy HD movie

I personally feel something needs to fundamentally change with piracy and copyright laws to deter those involved in the black market industry... who knows what will happen.

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