11th Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

Blue Dog Insurance is a Wizzard Marketing Niche in Oz

Interesting insurance business concept caught my eye from Oz, using a really niche marketing angle to get customers.

An insurance marketing manager called Mike Hooton was driving down a motorway when he saw a typical looking tradesperson’s vehicle coming towards him (tradesperson meaning, chippie, builder, plasterer etc). Being the type of lively insurance person that would fit right in here in the UK he immediately wondered about how much the premium would be for all the trade person’s tools.

He then noticed that there was a dog in the car that was passing (they must have been going quite slow!) and he speculated that the dog probably had no insurance yet it was at risk of injury in the building environment.

Hooton presented this eureka moment to his bosses at Calliden and then formed subsidiary, Blue Dog Insurance.

Poorly pooch
This fella fell of a ladder whilst decorating, he should be back at work in 2 weeks thanks to his medical insurance

The new policies have standard featured public and products liability, general property (including tools) and a standard benefit of $500 cover for a dog along with a 10% reduction in premium if there is no claims in a 3 year premium.

"Hopefully it will appeal to the emotional attachment of tradesmen. It provides tradies with something a bit more interesting and attractive than your conventional insurance," he said.
"You see so many people drive around the place with the iconic dog in the back. This is about insuring your best mate."

Although I have taken a jokey angle to looking at this, it is actually a really switched on marketing idea and it is no wonder Calliden’s shares are now up!

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