15th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

Boagworld Helps To Keep 10 Yetis Fit

You will find me in the early hours of most mornings dragging myself kicking and screaming along to the gym. I have an ipod which has a typical gym playlist on to "keep me going" as I puff along on the treadmill, however recently I've taken to listening to design related podcasts - specifically those from Marcus and Paul, at Boagworld.

Paul Boag (has scary eyes)

I can hear people sniggering at me already for not listening to some banging toons to keep me motivated. However I'm finding that listening to these guys chatting about a wide range of issues faced by designers, programmers, and business owners on the web is really distracting me from what I'm actually doing.

It's not specifically a learning podcast, though I have learnt a lot from them - rather I find it more interesting just to hear other opinions and thoughts on topical subjects.

It lasts for around 45 minutes which is also perfect for about the time I might feel like passing out in a crumpled heap on the floor.

So just wanted to plug them for other designers that might be reading this - take them along to the gym, or just have a listen anyway. It's really rather good :)

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