10th Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

Brand - Flirting is this a new concept

For some time now I have thought that brands try and flirt with people in their target customer interaction. I am not sure in my own head quite what this means, but in recent times I have increasingly thought that brands such as Apple and Audi (as a few examples) try to make their brand image somewhat "flirty".

The image that they portray is kind of like (not going into Swiss Tony mode, don't worry), "we are out of your league, but if you try very hard you can probably get hold of us".

I think companies like Hackett and Burberry used to also have these brand qualities before the lads with sovereigns and the girls with earing hoops of sufficient size to let police dogs jump through, got hold of them.

"Brand Flirting" to me is maybe a step on from "aspirational" marketing, maybe a bit more mysterious in the tone of the ads, but not as goddam crazy as the perfume ads that are doing the rounds at the minute.

I will give Brand Flirting a bit more thought over the next few weeks and see if I can develop a bit more of a theory to it.

Hmm, maybe I am just feelign the effect of one Satsuma too many :-)

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