03rd May 2007, by Andrew Barr

Branding Heaven - Innocent Drinks Links Up With McDonalds

Few of the nationals have picked up on a story from Marketing Weekabout Innocent Drinks linking up with McDonalds to provide their product range in Happy Meals.

Not sure if it just because Gloucester is the hot bed of culture (as we know) but this is old news. Innocent drinks have been in our McDonalds for what seems an age now?

Ronald’s logo
Golden Arches

I am guessing that Innocent knew that they may get grief by linking with the McDonalds brand ut the benefits (i.e financial) were too much to turn down.

Personally I think this has come at a great time for both brands as McDonalds has made great strides to improve its reputation and the healthiness of its meals and Innocent is now well positioned to move to a more global level thanks to this trial.

Innocent Drinks
Innocent Drinks Gets Away with Fruit Murder

As I slight side issue, I did like the McDonalds PR persons response when asked about its healthy angles and general accusations of bullying... they basically said words to the effect of "we are now even working with Greenpeace" as justification that all is now well in Ronald McDonald world. Nice.. good example of using a bridging point to get over a good point in an interview.

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