09th May 2006, by Andrew Barr

Bstart Up Expo @ Excel Part One

Eye's down, looking in... Expo blog, part one.

So, 10 Yetis had a great time at the Expo over the last few days, we were lucky enough to be working with one of our clients, KashFlow on their stand.

Excel Part Two will go into more details about the wider aspects of the day, but a few snippets to keep you going.

There are no two-ways about it, our stand went really well... judging by my aching feet a day after anyway. We had a constant flow of traffic, a really good positioning and an uncomplicated stand that served us fantastically. It really is a tribute to Duane and his team as everything went so smoothly you could have got it confused for a honda advert.

The plan of attack was simple, we had two laptops on groovy tables where KashFlow could be demonstrated... Day one saw me at point, pro-actively approaching people, then Alan doing the demo's along with Duane, or alternatively, we all taking it in turns to switch positions and go out flyering around the Expo.

We had in the region of 2000 leaflets to give away and pretty much got through them all.

It all worked so well simply because the product works so well... people were coming over, having a go and then after 2 mins they were asking if they could have a play and hey presto they were sold. At one point this became a problem as people were playing around with it for so long we virtually had to elbow them away to get the next person in.

Good old British Mentality kicked in as well due to the fact that as the crowd built around the stand then more people came along and wanted to know what was going on... interesting stuff.

Some funny moments happend too... first off, on day one, HMRC had a stall and they went round everyones stall asking about their business before the Expo opened... never seen as many twitchy businesses. Also, they set up a dragons den kind of thing with some vaguely successful people who just took the absolute pee out of a number of people who went up.

I don't know how the people who took part had the balls to do it as there were hundsreds of people watching as they had their business ripped apart. I would have struggled not to have gone nuclear on them!

I also really enjoyed the night in between the two days where we went for a chinese and ended up singing... the less said about that the better but I think the main thing is that we came to the attention of the Sage team!

So overall, the highlights for me?

Was it meeting Will Carling (well getting his pic at least)? No

10 Yetis is not sure what Will was doing there?

Was it meeting Kris Akabussi and hearing that laugh in real laugh (well, getting a shaky pic at least?) No?

The laugh is just as dodgy in real life

Was it making an arse out of myself by asking some random sales guy if he was famous (turns out I recognised him from Ecademy!!) No?

It was not even standing in the presence of the King of Sales himself Duane along with Alan the Adventurous Accountant... (pic shows them setting up)

Alan on the left, Duane on the right

It was meeting Glenn Watson from Inzvestor and also a mod on Thisisyourbusiness along with appearances on Shell and UKBF.

A really nice guy, who patiently tried to sort my ever pain in the ass MDA Vario Phone whilst I carried on selling KashFlow. Just in terms of reducing my phone bill he has saved the day.

He is a top guy who even helped out by going into sales mode and flogging KashFlow when the stall got really busy.

So that is part one over.

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