07th May 2006, by Andrew Barr

Bstart Up Expo @ Excel Part Two

So Part Two:

There was so much good stuff that went on, and some bad as well... not in relation to our stand, but some of the attendees coming to look around I found un-necessarily arsy.

I could not help think to myself that they are already missing the first rule of business; "be nice to everyone you meet". This is one of the first lessons you need to bring home when you form a company as even if you don't get on with someone you never know how having them as a contact may be of benefit.

This was evidenced as being understood by everyone who had paid the money and taken the time out to have a presence at the Expo... no matter if your competitors were there as well, everyone got along and helped each other out.

On the other side of this I met some great people at the Expo... such as Trevor Bayliss and his none stop Pipe.

Also, a few people with some really interesting business ideas. I admit that most of us on the stand, Alan the Accountant, Duane, Jill and I had speculated before that we would be innundated by people with redundancy payments trying to set themselves up as life or business coaches, as always seems to be the case on places like Ecademy.

I only spoke to a handful of people planning that kind of thing, what seemed to be the biggest growth of new businesses was the import/export industry, especially with regard to food-products. Also, there was an abundance of people in the process of setting up online record labels and urban magazines... all quite interesting.

Jill and I are now thinking about attending the Birmingham Expo in June? We may go as interested visitors to the first one, just to see what it is like.

It does seem an interesting way to both increase our profile and also build up some good links in business, we may also have a look at the Growing your Business one as well?

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