11th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

Bud Bucks Launced on Feb 8 in the UK - Looks interesting

Been reading over on New Media Age and Adverblog all about Bud Bucks which launched on Feb 8 in the UK.

Adverblog links to the NMA Bud Bucks story

Apparently every time you drink a bud you get a voucher code which you then text off and a reply tells you how many Bud Bucks you got which can range from $5 to $100 (£2.50-£50).

The actual Bud Bucks website is very slick and really really impressive. It is decked out like a street in America and there are shops you can visit such as a clothes retailer, games arcade and oh yeah, a bar!

Bud Bucks
Adverblog Pic of groovy new site

I had a quick play about in the bar and it is quite addictive.

All in all a really good micro-site, but hey, what do we expect from the King of Beers!

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