23rd Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

Camelot Media Relations Manager, Alexia Latham, Resigned After Lottery bid Shenanigans

Interesting news broke over the weekend about Alexia Latham, a Camelot Media Relations Manager who is alleged to have used a false name and email address to try and get information from the boss of a rival lottery bidder.

If first saw this story, not giving any details of names in PR Week on Friday.


Quite a few of the Sunday's then picked it up and ran with it, exposing Alexia Latham as the person involved from Camelot. It has subsequently been revealed that all the info she gained was already in the public domain so no real gain... oops.

Apparently Lathem, who used to work for PR agency Tulchan Communications, posed as a student and pinged the email off to a rival Oz bidder, only for his reply to trigger her Out of Office, which was unfortunately her Camelot one. What a billy berk... if true!

The question will be, did she act independently or was she encouraged to do this by her bosses?

As someone who has worked in house for several large companies it is feasible that she was encouraged to get more information using various search methods, by this I mean Google and various other sources, but I doubt the bosses wanted her to go to such lengths. The thing is, we will never find out, but if it emerges that a payout was made to the person who resigned then I guess there is more to the story.

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