28th Sep 2006, by Andrew Barr

Campaign for Celebrity School Teachers like Jamie Oliver & Ian Wright

In recent times there has been some great PR work done for school dinners by the likes of Jamie Oliver and likewise, PE teachers across the UK must be pleased to see that Ian Wright faces the same struggles as they do when it comes to getting kids to step away from the Playstation and do a bit of real sport.

This got me thinking, what would 10 Yetis PR “dream team” of celebrity school teachers be?

PE: Ian Wright
Home Economics: Jamie Oliver
Maths: Carol Vorderman
Science: Jon Tickle (former big brother dude)
Biology: Abi Titmus
English: Lynne Truss
History: Stephen Fry
RE: David Icke
German: Basil Fawlty
French: Dawn French
Spanish: Rafael Benitez
Geography: Ellen MacArthur
Economics: Gordon Brown
Business Studies: Captain Bill Gates
Social Studies: Piers Morgan

Who would be in your celeb teachers line up?

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