02nd Nov 2006, by Andrew Barr

Channel 4 Advertising Revenue in Decline - Google Ad Revenue Is up Though!

The big news today has been about the Head of Channel 4 saying that he expects Google to make more from advertising revenue this year that Channel Four will.

Channel Four expected to make around £800m from ad revenue this year which is $1.5bn in the USA. The MD has stated that he thinks Google will far surpass this amount though.

Another bit of "good predicting" from us at 10 Yetis though! If you read this blog post here (click the link) you will see how we spoke a few weeks ago about papers keeping their market share of the audience for the first time in an age. With web market share still growing it emerged that it was TV which was losing out on the race to keep their audience.

This may mean that ad costs could drop to encourage businesses back onto the TV, and the knock on effect maybe that TV advertising becomes affordable for a whole new level of businesses. We shall have to wait and see.

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