19th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

Channel 4’s Richard & Judy Goes for PR Damage Limitation over Questions For Cash Quiz

Quite a bizarre story broke late on Friday about the public’s favourite husband and wife duo, Richard & Judy, and the quiz they run on the show “You Say, We Pay”. Details are sketchy and it has to be said housewives and students can rest assured that the lovely R&J were neither involved nor new of the issue.

Our Fave UK Couple
Ask the Question Richard

In emails leaked to a Sunday paper (Daily Mail) it was revealed that in the week commencing Feb 5 more than 32,000 called the premium rate number at a quid a pop when they stood no chance of winning as the participant had already been selected.

Icstis is the body that investigates these types of mishaps and they along with Channel 4 have begun to investigate what happened. The quiz was scrapped from the Friday edition of the show due to “technical” problems

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