02nd Jul 2006, by Andrew Barr

Daily Telegraph Goes Tribal

As the football agent Eric Hall used to say, a "monster monster" bit of coverage for the TribeWanted team in last Saturday's Telegraph.

This is a a great example of where our good relationships have paid off for the team as we have been in constant touch with the Ed of the Travel Section since the campaign launched. Plenty of times we have got really close to having a good chunk of coverage and each time the article got spiked so we were really pleased to see it all pay off with this one peice.

To put it into context, albeit in a crude way, if we look at how much that space would have cost in advertising terms it would have been in the region of £12-£14,000. That is how much they would have had to pay for an advert the same size as that article! And to make it even better, our campaign cost (for UK, Europe and Oz etc - not USA) is a fraction of that.

If we go back a bit further into the campaign, you may recall the article we got in the Times ( a full page spread) and to have purchased that premium advertising space would have been at least £45,000... again, a massive fee.

We are going to sit down and work out exactly how much the advertising budget would have needed to be (just in UK) to get the equivilent amount of coverage...

In the mean time, here is the Telegraph cutting from last weekend:

In ads alone 10 Yetis has saved the TribeWanted team £14k from this article!

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