30th Sep 2006, by Andrew Barr

David Cameron Interview - Real Business

Don't want to stop people from going out and buying the mag, but I read the David Cameron interview with interest to see what he had to say about helping SME's if the Conservative got in the hot seat.

The general stuff that came out was that he was not impressed with the amount of interference and "box ticking" that small business owners have to do that emerges from Brussels. he hinted that this may mean that a Conservative government would opt out of the social chapter (end to min wage and working hours directive etc).

He also made some good noises about abolishing the DTI, an organisation that was good when the government ran the rail and steel companies, but who many think now is quite redundant and only used to trot out pointless policies.

It looks like the way Corporation Tax works could also be reviewd under Tory rule and again, this would be good to see.

What I was most impressed with is the fact he and the people he has surrounded himself with have all worked in big and small businesses at some stage in their lives, very much unlike the Labour front bench that is made up of mainly career politicians. A good point when you look into it.

He reveals he takes advice from a number of key business people as well... not going to tell you who, you will have to go and buy it yourself.

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