09th Nov 2006, by Andrew Barr

Design Competitions - Increase Your Profile and Impress Your Clients

Competitions are a great way to get publicity as well as boosting your credentials to impress clients. However they can be difficult to find as well as costly to enter. Searching on google will bring up plenty of results however you could end up wasting your efforts and spending unneccessary money by entering competitions willy nilly.

Computer Arts Magazine recently listed the 10 Best Design Competitions and I thought it would be a good idea to let you know about them, if you don't already.

1. D&AD Awards.
These are famous for exposing the very best designs and have been responsible for exposing the very best creative talent in the UK. With over 23,000 entrants each year, you better be good ;)
Estimated entry date: February

The BAFTAS have gone beyond film and television in recent years and now include Games Awards and Interactive Awards.

Estimated entry date: October

3. Flashforward
Aimed at flash designers and covering everything from animation to programming and web design.
Estimated entry date: May

4. Webby Awards
Well known for exposing websites with great content, design, interactivity and impact.
Estimated entry date: October

5. Design Week Awards
Categories include branding, logos, furniture design, edirorial, tv and video grapgics and even workplace environments. Quite a range, you can be sure to find something to suit you.
Estimated entry date: October

6. Adobe Design Achievement Awards
The award recognises the achievements of photographers, illustrators, animators and designers, as well as many others. There's also a cash prize of $5000!
Estimated entry date: April

7. Communication Arts Interactive.
Award categories include Advertising, business entertainment, information design and self promotion.
Next entry date: 20 January

8. Computer Arts Graduate Showcase
Of course they had to include this one, but good exposure nonetheless and has helped many a graduate set off on the path to success.
Next entry date: March

9. Macromedia Innovation Awards
Again, only for students but a $1,000 and an ipod is offered as the prize, so who can complain.
Next entry date: September

10. Designer Off The Year
Last one by Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz fame, nominations are by invitation only so to win the £25000 offered for this one, you might need to have one all the previous 9 competitions first :)
Next entry date: n/a

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