28th Mar 2007, by Andrew Barr

Ding Ding, Seconds Out Virtual PR Brawl Round 1

I thought I would take 10 minutes whilst eating my morning bagel to see what our peers in the PR industry are saying in their blogs and stumbled across a right old bunfight that made me smile.

Richard Millington is a freelance PR from our neck of the woods and I think he may have even written a comment on our blog some time ago. Anyway, in this post he came out with a right old load of sexist twaddle about the difference between women’s and men’s attitude to PR (sorry Richard but in my humble opinion, you are wide of the mark). To summarise, or at least my understanding of what he says is that he is studying something or another at the mo to do with PR and his classmates are predominantly women. He goes on to say that he considers women’s attitude to PR to be about celeb crisis management and event planning whereas the men are more interested in heads down PR and shaping/planning opinion etc and to add insult says that women are more interested in the fluffy side of PR.

As I say, this is just my understanding of what Richard says, maybe I have it wrong?

Anyway, after writing this he quite rightly got panned in his comments section and then even the mighty Rainier PR got on the case in their corporate blog (although the views in the blog may not be the actual opinion of the company yada yada yada) and Sophie Jarvis of Rainier, who I think I have heard of from a friend of a friend and is immensely switched on gave him a right good online kicking.

I suspect Richard only posted what he did as a misguided way of getting more people to read his blog (which has worked), but it may well backfire given that when new and potential clients research him (mighty Google), this post will always be floating around. Also, the PR industry is no different to any other in that people from different companies talk to each other and word will quickly spread that companies should give this guy a wide berth, so all in all, I cannot see the benefit.

Still, as I say, it made me smile…

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