22nd Jul 2006, by Andrew Barr

Drench Art Award

On Thursday evening Jilly and I went to the Drench Art Award final... a good night all round.

Sadly, we didn't win, but to have fended off the thousands of entries from the UK and got into the final 25 was a great result in itself.

The event was held at the Proud Gallery in Camden Market. The gallery was very impressive and all the finalists work was shown on the walls.

We heard a rumour that there was and EMI designer knocking about looking for artists for Album cover designs, so fingers crossed we may pick up some work from the event.

It was wierd for us to be on the other side of PR, and I must admit to being a little disappointed with the lack of networking opportunities generated by the Drench PR people in terms of meeting some of the UK Art media.

In fact some of the artists were asked to leave their seats by the PR people so that the Art journalists could sit down!! Not sure how I would have handled the situation, but quite odd all the same.

So, some pics!

Jill having her pic taken for the art media, in front of her work:

10 Yetis graffiti marketing design company

The dude announcing the winners:

10 Yetis Affordable graphic design company in the UK

John Bergman is a famous illustrator and he entered his work:

groovy viral marketing and design work by 10 Yetis

The "circle" of journalists (who didn't speak to the artists all night :-):

10 Yetis Media relations at its best

Andy taking the lead on the usual strategy meeting:

bud - wise - err by 10 Yetis

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