16th Jul 2006, by Andrew Barr

Fingers Crossed that we get Drenched!

Another busy week, hussling and harrying the worlds media... hmm, not as grand as it sounds :-)

It is tense times here at 10Yetis whilst we wait for the judges verdict.
We all have our fingers crossed that we win the Drench art award on Thursday.

On the positive side, despite the summer slowdown looming fast, we still have a healthy number of new clients and sales leads coming in.

It is usually about this time that key decision makers go on holiday and UK PLC slows down until late Aug, so lets hope it holds off for a bit longer.

The UK Viral marketing side of things is starting to really pick up with our name being banded about with the best of them in the busienss. The pay off being that we are now getting invied to pitch for the high street brand jobs as well as the smaller one off things... nice nice nice.

So, a shorter than usual update, but I will let people know how we get on as soon as I can on Thursday.

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