07th May 2006, by Andrew Barr

Free Fonts Book Plug

Not commercially connected to these guys other than they may be showcasing some of Jill's work in a new book, but thought it worth giving them a plug as they do some interesting reads.

Clients often don't have the budget to pay for their own fonts and typography is really important to get right. The book Free Fonts tells you of hundreds of freeware and shareware fonts and what you might use them for. Useful as a reference guide and to take along to show clients at meetings to help decide on the direction of their designs.

As they say on the streets of NY and also (strangely enough) Walsall, West Mids.... Check it out


Ta... p.s. going to be on a blog fest today as just landed home having attened the KashFlow stand at the Excel Business Start Up's Expo

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