09th Nov 2006, by Andrew Barr

FSB Gloucester and General 10 Yetis Viral Marketing & Design UK Update

Not posted for a few days as a result of switching our website to a new hosting company. We have now signed up to a company called Open Mind Solutions largely due to our last company having un-acceptable outages at prime times of the business day.

Never good when you cannot get email, what ever did we do before it came into our lives?

Anyway, Jilly has been busier than ever with her having to work on moving things over along with all the design workload as well, and as a result the blog was out of action for 72 hours.

All as busy as ever behind the scenes though. We got BitsnStuff into the Mail on Sunday, You, magazine last weekend and from talking to Kate, the MD of BitsnStuff, her sales have shot up as a result.

bitsnstuff press cutting, daily mail

We are also now in the final stages of the beauty parade process for two new clients, so fingers crossed, and oh yeah... we have something quite big on the cards for the new year in relation to 10 Yetis own business growth. More on that once everything is signed and sorted.

We have started attending the Gloucester FSB (federation of small business) networking events as well in recent weeks and so far it looks a lively place with a few decent things going on. Never been big on face to face networking, but hey, got to be worth a try.

Anyway, more to come shortly.

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