25th Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

Goat Lover News For BBC Proves A Hit

I have been reading that the BBC News team has been conducting and investigation into the popularity of one of its stories.

In Feb 2006 BBC News Online ran a story about a man from Sudan who was forced to marry a goat as he was caught “interfering” with it by the goat’s owner – eek.

Apparently this story has consistently been in the top 10 news stories every week since Feb 2006, over a year now. This has caught the eye of the journo’s from Auntie and an investigation did ensue.

Goat Lover
When a man and a goat fall in love! Imagine their kids

Sadly for the Beeb the investigation revealed that there was no sinister plot or electrical wizardry and it was just a case that the article was of interest around the globe…

Want to read it…. Click Here!

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