19th Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

Google Going Mainstream - Financial Times said so

Another story about Google’s foray into print, television and radio advertising appeared in the media today, this time the Financial Times. Richard Water wrote an article talking about how Google would attack the market and the steps it has taken to secure a good market share.

He mentions that Google is close to securing a deal on behalf of its newest recruit YouTube, with CBS and in return CBS will hand over some of its advertising air time.

On top of this Waters says that Google has been secretly buying up some of the advertising industries biggest players to ensure that when they do go big on the launch they have the strongest team of professionals behind them

I have no doubt whatsoever that Google will succeed in this market, what I cannot understand though is why this is still though of as new news? Nearly as soon as Google launched the owners said they would be looking to cross over into mainstream advertising, maybe the media did not take them seriously?

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