10th Mar 2006, by Andrew Barr

GOOOOOOOOOOOD Morning Blog Readers

Well, here we are then... a brand new blog, a brand new site and RAH... I am raring to go.

What can you expect from this blog? Who knows... I am hoping it will give you a few hints and tips about marketing, design and PR, but also I hope it gives other SME's an isight into how our business is growing and maybe we can learn a few things as we go.

First up, the "thank you's" cheers to Nick for being a great supporter even when it annoys me what he says :-). Cheers to everyone at UKBF for being so doshgarned nice and being a great sounding board for ideas and all that... Thanks to Rob from Matrixx hosting who puts up with my lack of tech knowledge and is incredibly patient when i call.

So where do we go from here? Well... at 4pm today the new site goes live. We have popped a penguin on the landing page whilst we took down the old site and got the new one ready. I suppose you could call it a "teaser" campaign, trying to get people hooked or at least intrigued so that they remember to come back.

We have reviewed and reviewed and reviewed the site until our eyes could review no more, but I am sure that there must be a few little bugs on the site somewhere. No doubt our compadres will help to spot these.

So a little about us... Jill and I are the main basis of 10 Yetis. We have another PR bod working for us called Joe and she is going great guns. We formed a while ago and have been biding our time, getting processes and plans in place so we could manage the growth of the company, and then "bang" things just kinda took off.

We have a small but perfectly formed client list, some big companies and organisations, some smaller ones... all of whom we really enjoy working with... no really! We started this business to put a bit of fun back into work and not keep slaving away for the corporate pound, so we like to keep things faily light hearted.

Anyway, thats enough from me right now. I am planning to sign off each day with maybe a little joke. Something a bit different. By the way, I have not read a book on the art of making blogs work, yet. So stick with me if things go a bit haywire every now and again. I aim to do at least a weekly review and then drop stuff in every now and again as and when things arise.

Oh yeah and... before I go any further, away from the other "thanks" as we would be stuffed without this guy, big thanks to Alan our accountant and long suffering business mentor. If you are thinking of starting up, or are looking for a great accountant who gives the best business advice then go visit Alan at www.alphalimited.co.uk.

And so, to today's joke (topical given that Chelt race week starts on Monday)

A bloke walks into a bookies and says, "can you back horses in here"
Bloke behind counter says "of course"
First bloke looks back at the door and says, "ok lads, bring her in".

I thank you.

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