17th Jan 2007, by Andrew Barr

Graphic Design Agency 10 Yetis Supports New Breed of Image Sources

More and more graphic designers along with news outlets are turning to places like Scoopt and Photobox that feature photo’s taken by members of the public to source images stories to fill media and creative spaces and many believe that this could spell the end for the professional photographer per se. There is no doubt that the increase in these types of sights has reduced the cost of buying professional stock images from places like Getty and Istockphoto etc but will this result in a lowering of standards? Personally I think not.

I also think it demonstrates how the gap is closing between actual paid reporters and the so called new breed of Citizen Journalist where stories become high profile thanks to the blog reporting culture we live in today.

(Citizen Journalist is where ordinary members of the public present their own versions of news on blogs and websites alike – thanks to You Tube and alike this is becoming more mainstream to the extent that national and international news channels encourage more interaction with Citizen Journalists in their broadcasts).

It presents a great opportunity for graphic designers to use more raw imagery in their creative work and provides a solid revenue stream for those with a genuine talent.

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