19th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

Guardian and Telegraph Has Unlucky Timing for 2 Recent Big Interviews

Felt quite sorry for both the Torygraph and the Guardian when I read their respective big interviews in the Monday editions of the paper. They both had big guests being interviewed with the Torygraph Business section speaking with Graham Beale, the new Nationwide Chief Exec from April 1st and the Guardian Media Section had Richard & Judy, offa the telebox.

Graham Beale
Graham Beale replaces Building Society legend Philip Williamson on Apr 1st

The interviews must have both taken place before the big news of last week hit both interviewees as there was not one mention of the near £1m fine from the FSA for Nationwide not was there a mention of the great quiz scandal blighting Richard and Judy at the minute.

I found both interviews really interesting with particular highlights being the chance of greater consolidation in the building society industry courtesy of Graham Beale mentioning the likes of Britannia BS, Chelsea BS, Skipton BS and Coventry BS being potentially in their sights.

My Fave paper!
Media Section had good interview with R&J

On the Richard and Judy one it sounded like Richard was trying to play it “too cool for school” again, but I was shocked to learn he was 50, he looks much younger.

Anyway, timing is everything and I must admit I felt for both papers, cracking interviews and nothing could have been done.

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