24th Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

Guardian Media Never Ducks the Issues

Yesterday’s Media Section in the Guardian was one of the best I have read in ages with loads of engaging and interesting stories.

Obviously the Virginia Tech shootings were horrific and my thoughts are with the families but one of the most intriguing articles related to “big media” using the blogs of victims and friends & family to find information and pictures for stories.

There are two trains of thought on if this is right or wrong. Some say that if the information is placed in the public domain by a person or person(s) then it can be used/referenced by anyone and then there are those who see it as some form of breach of civil liberties. There is also the question of who owns the material written and posted. Places like YouTube and MySpace say that the page/creator of the material owns the rights and not the companies/websites themselves.

Is it a media Angel
My media Guardian Angel

Some of the media actually posted questions on affected people’s blogs and this even included the Guardian themselves which I must admit shocked me a bit and I consider this to be very insensitive. Again the media argument is that some outlets asked questions on blogs because they wanted to make sure they had correct information before writing it up.

This is obviously a hugely sensitive area but the Guardian covered it really well in the media section.

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